Taco Bell Menu Prices

There are few bargains in fast food as good as Taco Bell. Its menu is the perfect blend of affordability and great taste. Taco Bell Menu Prices can be divided in two major ways, by food type, such as tacos, burritos, etc. and by sub-menu, such as the Breakfast Menu, Fresco Menu, Cantina Bell Menu, Fourth Meal Menu, and Why Pay More Menu. Each menu offers its own unique pricing structure. The menu Prices you pay won’t break the bank. Below is a quick overview of what you can expect to pay, depending on the food and menu type. Keep in mind that the following Taco Bell Menu Prices and food item availability may vary from location to location.




There is a dizzying array of taco choices. There are two basic classes of tacos, regular and supreme. Most tacos are available as either crunchy tacos or soft tacos. The main exception here are the newest additions the taco line-up, the Doritos tacos, which obliviously are not available as soft tacos. The cheapest tacos are the regular crunchy and soft tacos, which are priced at $0.99. Featured products like the Doritos tacos and the supreme tacos cost slightly more, with the most expensive tacos, the double Decker Taco Supreme and the Grilled Steak Soft Taco each topping out at $2.29.




There are a wide variety of burritos available. Some of these tortilla wrapped beauties area complete meal all by themselves. Like the tacos, many of the burritos are available as both a regular and a supreme option. The basic bean burrito will only set you back $1.09. Other burritos come in a variety of price points from a chicken burrito at $1.69, the burrito supreme at $2.69, all the way to the hefty, meal in your hand, XXL Grilled Steak Stuft Burrito at $4.99.


Chalupas, Gorditas, and Specialties


Gorditas and Chalupas come in far fewer varieties than the tacos and burritos. Additionally, Taco Bell has many other specialties that ensure everyone can find their own cheap food sweet spot. These items range in price from the tostada at $1.29 to the Fiesta Chicken Taco Salad, expensive by Taco Bell standards, at $5.49. The chalupas and gorditas are middle of the road price wise running anywhere between $2.19 for a Beef Chalupa Supreme to $2.99 for a Steak Chalupa Supreme.


Sides and Desserts


These relative low cost items include three varieties of nachos, Churros and the Caramel Apple Empanada. A regular Nachos, the value menu veteran, is only $0.99, while a Nachos Bellgrande comes in a bit pricier at $3.29. The humble cinnamon twists are the cheapest item in the menu at $0.89. Other dessert items are also low cost with a Churro only denting your wallet $0.99 and the Carmel Apple Empanada a slightly more expensive $1.29.


Cantina Bell Menu


Taco Bell’s answer to Chipolte, the Cantina Bell Menu, focuses on a variety of deluxe menu items. Several items start out at $4.79 for the lowest cost Catina Bell Menu items. These include Cantina Bowls and Cantina Burritos. The most expensive members of this menu segment will set you back an impressive $6.99. These are mostly for combo choices such as the Cantina Steak Burrito Combo.


Taco Bell Menu Prices are not only fair but the menu has an incredible variety of food items on it, there are more combos, party packs, and value menu items than any sane person can keep straight. Taco Bell really is at the intersection of hungry and affordable.

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