Taco Bell Specials

Few American companies know how to run promotions and specials like Taco Bell.  Promotional Taco Bell menu prices for specials seem to be running all the time. The company runs local as well as national specials in the United States. Currently, Taco Bell is running a special called Happier Hour in participating markets. Additionally, several Taco Bell specials are running in local markets and as part of sponsorship agreements with various professional sports teams.


History of Taco Bell Specials


In 2001 Taco Bell attempted a spectacular promotion where they towed a giant target out into the ocean. If any piece of the Mir Space Station, which was reentering the Earth’s atmosphere, everyone in the United States would be eligible for a free taco. Taco Bell took the savvy step of purchasing an insurance policy to fund the promotion, should a piece actually hit the target. However, none of the Mir debris hit the target.


Taco Bell ran a promotion tied to the World Series in 20087 2008, and 2012 known as “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco”. If either team stole a base in the World Series, Taco Bell gave away free tacos to everyone in the United States. Unlike the Mir promotion, there was a stolen base in both 2007 and 2008. The company did not have to pay out on 2012, as there was not a stolen base in that World Series. It is unclear if the promotion will be run in 2013.


There are local Taco Bell menu prices promotions  in Portland, Oregon and Cleveland, Ohio, where if the home NBA team Blazers or Cavaliers score over 100 points, everyone in attendance gets a free chalupa. Similarly, every time the MLB Colorado Rockies score 7 or more runs, participating local area Taco Bell restaurants offer specials from 4pm to 6pm where you can get four tacos for $2.00 and add a drink for $0.50.


Taco Bell is an official sponsor of the NBA, and is also a sponsoring partner of many MLB teams. There is a constant stream of specials tied to these promotional partners similar to the ones with the Portland Trailblazers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Colorado Rockies.


The current Taco Bell Special is known as Happier Hour. This is not being run nationwide, but only in select markets. The promotion offers load grillers, Freezes, Sparklers, and medium drinks for $1 from 2pm to 5pm everyday. It is not clear what the long term plans are for this promotion.


Other Taco Bells Specials that are not being run at every store, but may be available at your local Taco Bell include, getting any menu item free when you purchase more that $20 in gift cards. Another special requires you to complete a survey about your Taco Bell experience for the chance to win a free iPad2. If you buy a large fountain drink or a Taco 12 Pack, you can fill up on free ESPN content. Some Southern California locations will give a coupon for a free breakfast item to customers who order any regular menu item.

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